Background Edit

Aaron Rothman was a doctor rescued from cannibals. The cannibals had captured him in Idaho after the Change and had cut off his left foot for food. His captors were keeping him alive only because of his medical skills.

Key Events Edit

Dies the Fire Edit

Mike Havel and other members of the Bearkillers rescued him. Pam Arnstein treated his wound and learned about his profession. He later acquired a prosthesis and became the lead physician of the Bearkillers.

The Protector's War Edit

Aaron examined two unconscious men who had been guarding a Portland Protective Association noble in Corvallis and said they had been posed.

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

Aaron deployed with the ambulances for the battle of West Salem. He later watched helplessly as Mike Havel died from his wounds after killing Norman Arminger on the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

The Sword of the Lady Edit

Aaron helped treat casualties from a battle in Central Oregon Ranchers' Association territory then participated in a conference with Signe Havel, Tiphaine Rutherton, and others from the Bearkillers, the Order of the Shield of Saint Benedict and the Portland Protective Association.

Lord of Mountains Edit

Aaron supervised the medical teams at the Battle of Horse Heaven Hills.

Trivia Edit

Aaron was gay and was hopelessly in love with Mike Havel.