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Dies the Fire Edit

Aoife (Ee-fa) Barstow was originally named Mary. She, her brother Daniel, a boy named Sanjay and twelve other children were stranded when their school bus went off the road following the Change. The Barstows adopted the three siblings and called on others to adopt the remainder.

The Protector's War Edit

In March of 2007, when Sanjay was killed by the lance of a Portland Protective Association knight during a raid the Mackenzies made on a train, Aoife slew the knight and took his head as a trophy for all to see.

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

Aoife and Liath Dunling were Rudi Mackenzie's bodyguards and both died defending him against Tiphaine Rutherton when Rutherton recovered Mathilda Arminger from her residence as a hostage with Clan Mackenzie. Aoife and Liath had been lovers.