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BD operated the Plodding Pony Service, a high-value freight service over much of Oregon.

Key Events[]

Dies the Fire[]

BD was introduced as a coreligionist of the Wiccans at a dinner; BD was not identified by name but was described as a square-faced blond woman with a teenage daughter.

The Scourge of God[]

BD was present in the nemed and had a vision of a Zulu witchfinder rite being held in Africa.

BD ran a cargo of weapons into Pendleton for the Dúnedain Rangers. Later, she stood with the Rangers when their attack went poorly and escaped with them to a hill where they were rescued by Tiphaine Rutherton.

The High King of Montival[]

BD was present in the nemed when the Sword was claimed by Artos. She felt a pain identical to that she felt on the day of the Change.

The Tears of the Sun[]

BD healed a wound inflicted on Tiphaine d'Ath by Mary Liu.


BD (and the Kyklos) were created by a fan, Kier Salmon. The story, in which BD is the protagonist, provides information about why Mathilda Arminger has no siblings.

Kin Bonds by Kier Salmon and Tarl Neustaedter