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The Bearkillers are a nation in the post-Change world. Its elite military force is the A-List.

Founding Members[]

Key Events[]

Dies the Fire[]

The nation was born, although not named, in Idaho, after its members win a battle with three White Supremacists who had decided to use rape and torture as their method of government. They agree that the best place to settle is Larsdalen, a home that was the property of the Larssons. In the short term, they begin to think of themselves as contractors, taking on a series of unpleasant tasks for surviving communities along their route of travel. After entering Oregon, they attack and take two castles built by the Portland Protective Association blocking highway 20 and designed to separate the Willamette Valley from southeastern Oregon. The Bearkillers arrive at Larsdalen and Mike Havel takes an oath to protect the land and its people.

The Protector's War[]

The Bearkillers mounted a raid to neutralize a bandit and hanged him.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

By the time of the War of the Eye the Bearkillers could field 2500 militia and 300 soldiers of the A-List.

The Sunrise Lands[]

By the Sunrise Lands the Bearkiller population is reported at 60,000.

The Scourge of God[]

The Sword of the Lady[]

Bearkiller A-Listers fought a battle outside a United States of Boise fort near Bend. Afterward, Signe Havel ordered a retreat.

The High King of Montival[]