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Bedfordshire is an English county to the northwest of London.

In Change Year 2, bicycle-borne troops from the Isle of Wight swept the area, primarily looking for self-seeded or salvageable crops, but also looking for tools, and clearing out the remaining cannibal gangs. One of the tasks given them by King Charles III was to preserve Woburn Abbey stately home as best they could.

By CY8, Bedfordshire is on the north east of the resettled English mainland (Capital city Winchester), and is ruled from a Commandery at Whipsnade. Woburn Abbey is garrisoned by Icelandic troops. Being on the edge of civilisation, it makes a good prison.

The Protector's War opens with a raid on Woburn Abbey by Alleyne Loring, John Hordle and others, to release Sir Nigel Loring. Sir Nigel has offended Queen Hallgerda, mainly by refusing to pander to her whims, and she had persuaded Charles to arrest Sir Nigel and his wife Maude. Unfortunately Maude is killed in the escape attempt.

The escape team hide overnight in Aspley Wood, two miles north west. In the morning they split up, and Sir Nigel, Alleyne and John make their way north west to Wavendon, to Jamaica Farm, run by 'Rasta' Bob Bramble, another SAS soldier pulled out from London by Sir Nigel after the Change.

Bob hides the escapers overnight and protects them from discovery by a patrol. Next day Archie MacDonald, leads them north to the M1 motorway, where they are intercepted by a patrol led by Tony Knolles, another soldier known by Sir Nigel from Northern Ireland. Sir Nigel challenges Tony to a joust, beats him, and earns the right to go freely on his way. {Ch.1}

The group travel north east on the M1, and turn off northwards to Newport Pagnell, where the rest of their escape gear is cached: Plate arrmour, food, and canoes.

Their horses are left in the churchyard, with Archie as sentry, while the others get food ready in the Cannon, the nearest pub, where the equipment is hidden. Unfortunately, a gang of 'Brushwood Men'; ex-cannibal bandits, have also decided to stop at the church and capture Archie and the horses. The escapers must fight the gang for them, killing several and capturing the children.

Sir Nigel decides the children can be turned into useful citizens, and needs to return them to Jamaica farm, return to Newport, then return the horses, and get the canoes prepared and down to the river... {Ch.3}

Sir Nigel's Escape Route