• Beelim

    1. Civil defence reorganisation:
    2. Classical tactics:
    3. Mercenary protocol:
    4. Mobile tactical teams:
    5. Standing armies:
    6. Mass Mobilisation:
    7. Defensive leagues:

    1. Archival science:
    2. Handicraft lore:
    3. Analogue revival:
    4. Revised combustion theory:
    5. Renewable energy:
    6. Limited flight capability:
    7. Advanced mechanics:

    1. Refugee processing:
    2. Community:
    3. Civic Councils:
    4. Public Works:
    5. Urban Autonomy:
    6. Privillege
    7. Pacts and alliances:

    1. Subsistence agriculture
    2. Barter system:
    3. Mass horsebreeding:
    4. Railcart network:
    5. Re-industrialisation:
    6. Guilds:
    7. Commerce:
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  • VelvetClaw

    This is bound to be difficult, but I guess the main factions I would like to see would be the following:

    • Bearkillers
    • British Empire
    • Central Oregon Ranchers' Association
    • Church Universal and Triumphant
    • Corvallis City State
    • Clan Mackenzie
    • Free Republic of Richland
    • Portland Protective Association
    • Provisional Republic of Iowa
    • Republic of New Deseret
    • Sioux
    • United States of Boise

    And we also have some sub-factions:

    • Dunedain rangers
    • Wild men
    • Independent rovers
    • Chenrezi monastery
    • Order of the Shield of St Benedict
    • Indian tribes
    • Emirate of Dakar
    • Norrheim
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  • VelvetClaw

    Factions and ages

    June 11, 2011 by VelvetClaw
    • Felt that 4 ages would be needed. Perhaps, a "Changeling Age" would be necessary, but given that we have 26 years between the Change and the Montival era, well!
    • Age I sees your community trying to survive, with "survivalists" being the backbone of your forces. These people are divided into melee units and ranged infantry. You also get survivalist cavalry too. You however get a professional military unit, a pikeman.
    • Age II allows you to upgrade these units into "farmers" - other units, including light cavalry, also follow suit. The other ages are self-explanatory, with more and more units become available.
    • Also realised that a variety of units - well, rather interesting ones - will need to be made available too! I read that balloons and glider…
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  • VelvetClaw

    I haven't figured out factions and ages yet, but so far I have the following:

    • 4 ages
    • A tier system of military recruitment. You start off with survivalists, and eventually, with enough upgrades, can upgrade the survivalists into militia, which then unlock an intermediate level of "middle-class" or "farmer" units. Elite units, however, are unlocked in stages: ranged infantry, followed by cavalry, shield bearers, then pikemen. The final unit made available would be heavy cavalry.

    Of course, some factions get their unique units faster: for instance, Bearkiller and PPA players can expect to get their heavy cavalry units out faster: they have two of them, making them deadly - by the time your opponent is getting out heavy cavalry, you've already g…

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  • VelvetClaw

    Rise of Montival!

    June 11, 2011 by VelvetClaw

    For more information, feel free to consult Rise of Nations Heaven, A Wrong Turn Wiki or Rise of Kings Wiki

    So far I have figured out the following:

    • Hall of Governance
    • Scholar's lodge
    • Archivists' sanctum
    • Hall of learning

    • Citizens
    • Serfs (for PPA only)
    • Tribesmen (for some factions only)

    • Calibrated scorpion

    • Corvallis Calculation Device
    • Castle Todenangst
    • Temple of Ascended Masters?
    • Des Moines Manufactory
    • Bearkillers' Memorial Hall
    • (A Lakota wonder)?
    • Mirkwood
    • Mt Angel Monastery
    • Castle Ath
    • Protector's Palace
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  • Madknightjabberwock


    May 25, 2011 by Madknightjabberwock

    I created this page way back in '09. I honestly and earnestly meant to spent time on it, but like always, things got in the way. In all honesty, I had forgetten all about this site, until I picked up my copy of "A meeting at Corvallis" and saw scribbled on the margins: "Work on ember site." So, I came back to it, expecting it to fully be as bare and empty as when I first created, with a handful of stubs about the books. I was overjoyed and excited when I saw how much the site had grown, and all I could think was that now a great bookseries, and author, had a fan-made fan-site that could help, and to extent is, a guide to the Emberverse world. I hope to take a much more active role in this wiki over the coming months, and I hope to see this…

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