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Castle Ath was the holding granted to Rutherton when she became a Baronet as a reward for rescuing Mathilda Arminger who was held as a hostage by Clan Mackenzie


In the southeast corner of a walled enclosure stood a fifty-five by forty-five foot rectangular tower, four stories tall. Smaller round towers stood at the other three corners, one of them sporting a metal windmill whirling at its peak to keep the reservoir filled. The gate ran in beside the main keep, with portcullis and drawbridge, and a dry moat full of barbed wire and angle iron surrounded the whole.

The wall was crenellated and half the main keep-tower's height, and it enclosed an acre and a half. The fighting platform on the inside of the curtain wall ended a dozen feet short of the tower's second story. The gaps were covered by removable footbridge that ended in thick steel doors.

The top of the tower was a featureless rectangle covered in asphalt paving, broken only by the trapdoor and a metal chimney in the middle of the eastern side, and by the turntable-mounted throwing engines crouching under their tarpaulin at each corner. A full-scale metal drawbridge joined the ground floor of the tower to the courtyard over a ditch bristling with sharpened rust-reddened angle itinerant surrounded the tower-keep on the inside.

Houses and barracks and workshops lined the inside of the wall, along with a chapel and the kitchens, all built in thickly plastered and whitewashed cinder block. There were paved pathways, but most of the courtyard was traveled dirt.

Vassals and Others[]

  • Richard Wielman, steward
  • Father Peter, priest
  • Sir Ivo, knight-in-fief
  • Sir Ruffini, knight-in-fief