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Todenangst is the castle Norman Arminger had built with slave labor simply because he wanted a castle. He designed the castle before the Change. The castle's walls are rumored to contain the skeletons of slaves who died during its construction, and whose remains were simply dumped into the concrete. This would be in keeping with the castle's name, which is German for "the anguish of death" (or more literally, Castle death-anguish). Prominent features of the castle include the Dark Tower, used by Norman Arminger prior to his death, and housing PPA bureaucrats after, and the Silver Tower of Sandra Arminger.

The castle was built east of Newberg. The two most probable sites are one of two small knolls: one rising from the eastern edge of the real-world Chehalem Glen Golf Course just north of Fern Hill Road; and the other a bit north of there and to the east of Corral Creek Road on which is currently located a large and conspicuous above-ground water cistern. Another possible site, a small bump just south of Wilsonville Road, while conveniently just across from a basalt quarry, doesn't seem to match as well with what's in-text (Besides, it would have levelled a perfectly good, mature cherry orchard which stands on the Wilsonville Road site.)

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