For Norman Arminger's false church, see Orthodox Catholic Church.
Catholic Church
Members Pope John Paul II
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Pius XIII
Archbishop Maxwell (Portland)
Appears The Scourge of God
References The Protector's War
The Sunrise Lands

The Catholic Church was the surviving portion of the worldwide institution. Following the Change, Pope John Paul II ordered others to leave the Vatican but refused to leave himself. The mobs burned the Vatican and John Paul II almost certainly died there. The Swiss Guards, already well trained and equipped with swords, halberds, and armor, cut a path out of Rome, escorting members of the Curia to safety in Badia in Umbria. Eventually, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, news which greatly pleased Abbot-Bishop Dmowski. Some time later, Ratzinger, now known as Pope Benedict XVI, died, and a new Pope, Pius XIII, was elected. Following the Change, the Church achieved a great success by re-unifying with the Anglican Church.