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Chuck Barstow was a member of the Singing Moon Coven led by Juniper Mackenzie.


Chuck had gone to Eugene, Oregon to see Rudy Starn, Juniper's handfasted man, fly off on a business trip and had watched Starn's airplane crash when the Change occurred.

Key Events[]

Dies the Fire[]

He realized the impact of the Change almost immediately and remembered that the nearby museum had a living tableau of frontier history that included two Conestoga wagons and the draft horses to haul them. He went to the display and used his park ranger credentials to take the animals and wagons. He gathered members of the Singing Moon Coven and took them to Juniper's Cabin. Along the way, he acquired more supplies and helped rescue a busload of children.

The Protector's War[]

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

The Sunrise Lands[]

The Scourge of God[]

Chuck led the Clan Mackenzie war levy to the Battle of Pendleton. He took an arrow in his chest. After ordering a withdrawal, he died and met his wife in the Summerlands.