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The original Church Universal and Triumphant had been established over two decades before the Change. The original leaders had predicted the end of the world as we know it in a nuclear war. They had stockpiled weapons, clothing and food and had built underground shelters. The modern weapons proved to be useless after the Change, but everything else was useful.

Theodore Kaczynski, who fled California following the Change, installed himself as the Prophet of the Church and gradually went insane.

After Kaczynski's death, his stepson Sethaz became the Prophet.

Following the Change, the CUT became a tool of a faction of long-lived, non-corporeal entities currently fighting a war to see if the forces of creation or the forces of entropy would rule the multiverse. As a result, the CUT had a long-term goal of complete domination of civilization. It was at war with the Republic of New Deseret; it defeated New Deseret's army in the field but could not overcome the guerrillas left behind. Martin Thurston of the United States of Boise betrayed and murdered his father and made the USB a client state of the CUT.

Its eventual goal was to destroy the newly emerging civilizations of North America and prevent Rudi Mackenzie from assuming his rightful place as High King of Montival.

The allies referred to members of the CUT as "cutters."

Key Events[]

The Sunrise Lands[]

The Scourge of God[]

The Sword of the Lady[]

The High King of Montival[]

In the High King of Montival, CUT agents attempt to foil the return of the Quest from Nantucket with the sword and punish the Norrheimers for aiding them by inciting Bekwa marauders to attack, but the Quest, along with their new Senegalese allies, manage to protect Norrheim while scattering the enemy.

At the same time, the CUT also launches assaults against the communities on the Pacific Coast. Several skirmishes are fought, but a set-piece siege battle is waged against the Dominion of Drumheller.

Ascended Masters[]

  • Blavatsky
  • Buddha
  • Christ
  • Muhammad
  • Mundy
  • Plato
  • Zoroaster

The CUT used Seekers to spread the faith.