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Background Edit

Conrad Renfrew was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. He knew the Armingers before the Change and assisted them in establishing the Portland Protective Association. He held the offices of Grand Constable and Chancellor of the PPA. Renfrew still had control of the PPA's army by the time the war with CUT occurred. By this time, however, Renfrew had chosen to focus on his position as Chancellor, handing the title of Grand Constable to Tiphaine Rutherton.

Key Events Edit

The Protector's War Edit

Renfrew was aboard Norman Arminger's galley, Long Serpent, on an expedition in search of poison gas.

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

Renfrew, as Grand Constable, was in overall command of Portland Protective Association forces during the War of the Eye. He arrived at the site of Piotr Stavarov's abortive attack on forces of Clan Mackenzie because the Dúnedain Rangers had distracted him by ambushing another column. After berating Piotr, Renfrew proceeded on his primary mission of investing Sutterdown. He was engaged in establishing a siege when word of the failure of the attack in Salem reached him. He withdrew his forces.

Renfrew was secure enough in his position following the abortive war which Norman Arminger started to call the Protector by his first name in a closed meeting and lecture him about his mistakes. Renfrew was also considered to be the best field general and strategist during the War of the Eye. When Arminger was killed in the duel with Mike Havel, Renfrew was one of the few loyal generals that threw his support behind Sandra Arminger. He was also the one PPA leader who shook hands with an Allied leader, Eric Larsson.

The Sunrise Lands Edit

The Scourge of God Edit

The Sword of the Lady Edit

The High King of Montival Edit

The Tears of the Sun Edit

Sandra Arminger met with Conrad and tried to convince him not to go to war. She thanked him for never being afraid to tell his rulers when they had made a mistake. Despite his advanced age, Conrad took up arms and led his forces to battle

Lord of Mountains Edit

Conrad was present at a party before the battle.

The Given Sacrifice Edit

Conrad, who was at least temporarily confined to a wheelchair, consulted with Tiphaine d'Ath on management of the Portland Protective Association contribution to the The Prophet's War. At the end of the meeting, he gave Tiphaine documents granting her a new fief in the eastern part of the PPA territory.

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