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Delia de Stafford was Tiphaine Rutherton's mistress. She was also a Wiccan. Delia's marriage to Rigobert de Stafford was one of convenience. He was no more interested in women than she was in men.


A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Delia let Rudi Mackenzie know that there were Wiccans in the area of Rutherton's castle. She became Rutherton's lover. She spied on Rutherton for Clan Mackenzie, an act which she confessed to Rutherton and for which she received no punishment.

The Scourge of God[]

Delia travelled to Castle Todenangst to see Tiphaine d'Ath off to war. She was pregnant at the time.

The Sword of the Lady[]

The Tears of the Sun[]

Delia determined what goddess Tiphaine d'Ath should seek out for guidance.