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Dennis Martin was an innkeeper who became one of the central figures in the formation of the Clan Mackenzie. He was one of the first to realise the implications of the Change.


Martin owned the Hopping Toad Tavern in Corvallis, Oregon, a bar that provided live music. Martin frequently booked singer-songwriter Juniper Mackenzie, a practicing Wiccan. Martin was interested in Juniper, and liked her daughter, Eilir, who'd been deaf from birth.  (Dies the Fire, Chap 2) A large man, Martin was described as a "walrus" by Juniper before the Change, and as a "bear" by Stirling after it, due to the loss of his gigantic beer gut and subsequent muscle-building nature of his post-Change work.

The Change[]

When the Change happened, Martin was witness to the chaos that followed, as the laws of physics were altered. He and the Mackenzies quickly realized that staying in Corvallis (or any city) was a bad idea, and so made their way to a cabin owned by Juniper Mackenzie.

After converting to Wicca, Martin served as Lord of the Harvest.

Dies the Fire[]

The Protector's War[]

Dennis put his woodworking skills to good use and carved two figures representing gods of Wicca for Sutterdown.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Dennis took charge of the scene of Rudi's capture and organized the initial response.