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The Dominion of Drumheller was a post change nation located approximately in what had been Alberta Province of Canada.

The Dominion did not claim the northern reaches of that former Province, and its northern border abutted the southern border of the Dene. The exact location of that border is unclear, though it was north of Rycroft (birthplace of former Force constable Ian Kovalevsky).

The Dominion's western border with the PPA appears to have followed the Rocky Mountains along former border between the pre-Change Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Four instance, it is clear that the Crowsnest Pass through the Rocky Mountains was a border outpost between Drumheller and the PPA/Montival.

Key Events[]

The Scourge of God[]

Peter Graber remembers having fought against the Drumheller forces.

The High King of Montival[]

Drumheller, with the other two prairie dominions, agreed to declare war against the Church Universal and Triumphant when Montival did so. Ritva Havel met Ian Kovalevsky and was soon engaged in the Battle of the Anchor Bar Seven.

Lord of Mountains[]

Joined the battle as an ally of Montival.