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Eddie Liu was a small-time criminal in Corvallis, Oregon.

Key Events[]

Dies the Fire[]

Liu and some of his gang encountered Juniper Mackenzie and Dennis Martin soon after the Change. In a short fight, one of Liu's gang was killed. He crudely promised retribution. Eddie Liu and Mack found their way into the Portland area and applied for membership in the Portland Protective Association. At first, their only option seemed to be manual labor, but Norman Arminger was impressed with Eddie's attitude and education. Arminger offered Eddie an opportunity to participate in combat trials. Arminger ennobled Liu as Baron Gervais and granted him lands within the area controlled by the Association. Arminger sent Liu (and Mack) to Craigswood, Idaho as his representative to a biker gang; Liu left before the battle that resulted in the bikers' defeat.

The Protector's War[]

Liu and a group of knights in the garb of servants came to Sutterdown ostensibly to visit the Princess Mathilda Arminger and check on her welfare. In addition to Mack, the party included Katrina Georges, who was Mathilda's tutor. Juniper immediately noticed that Katrina had the hand of a swordswoman. Katrina brought books for Mathilda, including a volume she had forgotten in Portland and picked up at Castle Gervais; When Eddie saw the book, he was obviously upset. That night Katrina and Eddie entered Mathilda's tent to rescue her from her captivity with the Mackenzies. Liu looked for the book Katrina brought from Castle Gervais and, when Mathilda told him she had loaned it to Rudi, went to Rudi's tent. Liu retrieved the book and took Rudi as a hostage. Juniper cursed both Eddie and Katrina with "Death not long delayed." Mack tried to kill Rudi with a blow of his long sword but Nigel Loring put himself between Rudi and Mack, turning a death blow into a serious wound. Liu tried to kill Rudi with a chemical spray and failed. The Mackenzies, Bearkillers and Rangers all attacked the people from Portland. Eilir Mackenzie killed Eddie Liu with her short sword. After the battle was over, Mathilda told Juniper about Liu wanting the book and Juniper realized that the book had to be the key to the Altendorf substitution code.