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Emberverse is one of two timelines set in The Change universe, created and written by S. M. Stirling. The other timeline set in this fictional universe is the Nantucket series. Emberverse consists of two series, the Mike Havel based series and the Rudi the Artos based series. The first book in the Emberverse timeline starts at the same point in time as the first book in the Nantucket timeline.


Series 0
see Nantucket series
Series 1
The Aftermath
  1. Dies the Fire
  2. The Protector's War
  3. A Meeting at Corvallis
Series 2
The Quest
  1. The Sunrise Lands
  2. The Scourge of God
  3. The Sword of the Lady
    The War
  4. The High King of Montival
  5. The Tears of the Sun
  6. Lord of Mountains
  7. The Given Sacrifice

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