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Emiliano Gutierrez was a gang leader before the Change.


Gutierrez had met Norman Arminger when Arminger was conducting research on gangs before the Change.

Key Events[]

Dies the Fire[]

Gutierrez went to the Portland central library at Arminger's invitation. There he saw that Arminger had executed the city mayor and chief of police. He watched Arminger give a demonstration of the power of the sword, and pledged the support of his gang, the Lords, to Arminger's cause.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Norman Arminger appointed Gutierrez as Marchwarden of the South as a replacement for Eddie Liu, who was slain while on a raid into Clan Mackenzie territory in an attempt to liberate the Princess Mathilda Arminger. Gutierrez died in a cavalry charge against a line formed by Clan Mackenzie; he had been duped by watching them collect arrows after a previous engagement into believing that his enemy was short of ammunition. It is probable that the arrow that pieced his brain was shot by Samuel Aylward.