Emiliano Gutierrez was a gang leader before the Change.

Background Edit

Gutierrez had met Norman Arminger when Arminger was conducting research on gangs before the Change.

Key Events Edit

Dies the Fire Edit

Gutierrez went to the Portland central library at Arminger's invitation. There he saw that Arminger had executed the city mayor and chief of police. He watched Arminger give a demonstration of the power of the sword, and pledged the support of his gang, the Lords, to Arminger's cause.

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

Norman Arminger appointed Gutierrez as Marchwarden of the South as a replacement for Eddie Liu, who was slain while on a raid into Clan Mackenzie territory in an attempt to liberate the Princess Mathilda Arminger. Gutierrez died in a cavalry charge against a line formed by Clan Mackenzie; he had been duped by watching them collect arrows after a previous engagement into believing that his enemy was short of ammunition. It is probable that the arrow that pieced his brain was shot by Samuel Aylward.