Frederick Thurston was the younger son of Lawrence Thurston.


Frederick, like his older brother Martin, had been commissioned in what their father insisted on calling the "United States Army."

Key Events

The Sunrise Lands

Frederick watched as his brother assassinated their father. He then fled with the Quest because he was certain his brother also intended to kill him.

The Scourge of God

Frederick participated in the rescue of Mathilda Arminger, Odard Liu and Ingolf Vogeler. Afterward, he sent Rosita Gonzalez and other soldiers of the United States of Boise army who were loyal to him back to tell others the truth about his father's death to those they could trust.

Frederick joined Rudi Mackenzie and his party toward their goal in the east, becoming a member of the Quest. Enroute, he met Virginia Kane.

The Sword of the Lady

Frederick affirms that he will serve as a vassal to Rudi / Artos as High King of Montival. Frederick also marries Virginia Kane.

Lord of Mountains

Frederick spoke with David Woburn, a United States of Boise officer whose brother Jack had already defected to Frederick's command. He then allowed Jack to convince his brother to do the same. Frederick later proceeded forward with his mother, sisters, sister-in-law while David Woburn convinced his battlion of the Boisean army to sit out the battle.

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