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Father Ignatius (a dark man of middling height and slender save for the broad shoulders and thick wrists of a swordsman) was a priest, monk and knight-brother of the Order of the Shield of St. Benedict; he was also a member of the Quest. He served as a spiritual counselor to the members, particularly the Catholics, and as the expedition's doctor.

He was 10 years old at the time of the War of the Eye, living on his parents' farm not far from where the greatest battle of the war would be fought.

Key Events[]

The Sunrise Lands[]

Ignatius was present in Sutterdown at Tom Brannigan's Inn when Ingolf Vogeler arrived. He was on a mission there to monitor the relationship between Mathilda Arminger and Rudi Mackenzie. He was aware of the CUT, however, and acted as the Church's investigator after the personal troops of the false prophet made an attempt on Ingolf's life.

The Scourge of God[]

Ignatius participated in the rescue of Mathilda Arminger, Odard Liu and Ingolf Vogeler.

The Sword of the Lady[]

The High King of Montival[]

The Tears of the Sun[]

Lord of Mountains[]