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Jed Smith was the owner of the Rippling Waters Ranch in Montana. He was one of the faithful of the Church Universal and Triumphant.

Key Events[]

Smith and his levies had been released from active service after the battle of Wendell and were returning to Montana when then came across the Mormon community of Picabo, Idaho. They gutted the town, killing all the men and enslaving all the women and children.

The Quest encountered Smith's group and Rudi, Edain, Ingolf and Odard spent the night in Picabo. Ingolf purchased forty-five of Smith's female slaves to maintain their cover as traders. As the sun was coming up the next day, the Mormon women attacked the men with whom they had been forced to sleep. A battle ensued which the Quest and Mormon levies under Donald Nystrup were winning until the 3d Battalion of the Sword of the Prophet, led by Peter Graber, intervened. The Quest and the Mormons fled.

Afterward, Peter Graber demanded remounts for his battalion. Smith refused at first but finally relented and allowed Graber to select four horses.