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Joseph Kuttner was a high seeker of the Church Universal and Triumphant.


The Sunrise Lands[]

He accompanied Vogeler's Villains on their expedition to Nantucket Island where Ingolf Vogeler had his vision of the Sword. Kuttner revealed his true purpose when he and a group of Cutters intercepted Vogler after all of the Villains had been killed. He captured Ingolf. Later, Ingolf managed to escape, taking one of Kuttner's eyes in the process. Kuttner was temporarily suspended from his position as a seeker, but was provisionally reinstated because Sethaz was convinced that he would not have lost his eye if he had conspired with Ingolf in Ingolf's escape.

The Scourge of God[]

Kuttner is in the field with a Cutter force holding Mathilda Arminger, Odard Liu and Ingolf Vogeler. Rudi and his group attack. During the action, Rudi engages Seeker Kuttner, who grabs Rudi's throat in a crushing grip and hangs on even after he dies. Kuttner is eventually killed after being cut apart by the group. This is their first interaction with the strange powers given to High Seekers.