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Background Edit

Juniper Mackenzie was an unwed mother of a teen-aged girl. She was the high priestess of the Singing Moon Coven. She rose to a position of power and eminence after leading small band of people, who styled themselves "Clan Mackenzie," through the dying time right after the Change.

Key Events Edit

Dies the Fire Edit

Juniper was singing at Dennis Martin's tavern, when the lights went out. After a confrontation with a gang led by Eddie Liu, Juniper realized that the only safe course of action was to get out of Corvallis and go to her cabin in the foothills of the Cascade Range.

"Pronouncing Doom" Edit

Juniper sentences a rapist to death.

The Protector's War Edit

Juniper attended meetings and celebrations at Larsdalen on the eighth anniversary of the Change. She then returned to Dun Juniper, where she met with Laurel Wilson and accepted Laurel and her independent coven into Clan Mackenzie. The tension between her and Signe Havel over Juniper and Mike Havel having had a child together continued.

Juniper attended festivities at Sutterdown, partially as cover for a raid the Mackenzies were launching into the Barony of Molalla. Juniper led the raid which resulted in part with the capture of Mathilda Arminger. While returning to Dun Juniper, the party of Mackenzies stumbled upon a battle between Bearkillers and a gang. Afterward, Juniper told Mike and Signe about having taken Mathilda.

She was pleased some time later when Mike acknowledged Rudi Mackenzie as his son after Signe had encourged Rudi to ride a horse believed to be a man-killer but which Rudi recognized from a previous life as Epona.

A Meeting at Corvallis Edit

The Sunrise Lands Edit

The Scourge of God Edit

Juniper was the priestess at the nemed when BD, Melissa Aylward, Signe Havel and Sumina had their visions. Each of the visions was seen by all.

The Sword of the Lady Edit

Juniper was present on Nantucket Island as the with two other women when Rudi Mackenzie arrived to claim the Sword.

The High King of Montival Edit

The Tears of the Sun Edit

Lord of Mountains Edit

Juniper officiated as high priestess at the Wiccan rite held at "Stonehenge."

The Given Sacrifice Edit

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