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Lord of Mountains is the ninth book in the Emberverse Series. The prophet Sethaz of the Church Universal and Triumphant is marching on Montival and High King Artos calls on his subjects and allies to stand. They win the Battle of Horse Heaven Hills and the remnants of Sethaz's Army flee toward Idaho. Rudi and Mathilda have a mystical experience with the Sword which shared at least in part with every resident of Montival.

Plot Summary[]

The opening engagement of the Battle of Horse Heaven Hills has already been fought and won — more or less — by Montival. What Tiphaine d'Ath has done is buy time for the High King's forces.[1]

High King Artos deploys his forces to receive an attack from the combined forces of the Church Universal and Triumphant and its client state, the United States of Boise. Artos (Rudi Mackenzie) knows that the enemy must attack before the coming winter closes off the passes leading back to Montana.[2]

Huon Liu meets Lioncel de Stafford. while delivering messages they save Ogier Renfrew from an attack by a Church Universal and Triumphant assassin.[3]


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