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Key Events[]

The Protector's War[]

As a child, Mary played at Larsdalen.

The Sunrise Lands[]

The Scourge of God[]

In October 2021, while Mary and Ritva were protecting the trail of the Quest, Mary was captured by a Morrowland Scout and by a CUT Seeker, Twain. While the Scout went to look for Ritva, Mary tried to escape. She later said that she had killed the Seeker but that he then hit her. Ritva brought her wounded twin back to the camp, where Father Ignatius removed her eye and sutured the wound.

The Sword of the Lady[]

Mary and Ingolf Vogeler marry.

The High King of Montival[]

The Tears of the Sun[]

Lord of Mountains[]

Mary participated in the reconnaissance mission in which David Woburn, son of Robert Woburn, was captured.