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Mathilda Christine Arminger was the only child of Norman and Sandra Arminger. She was born after the Change.

Key Events[]

The Protector's War[]

Mathilda, who had been staying with the Molalla family, was captured by forces of Clan Mackenzie during a raid into Molalla territory. Juniper Mackenzie and others in her party were unaware that Mathilda would be travelling on the train that had been selected as a target for the punitive raid that was also directed at allowing serfs from the Portland Protective Association to escape into Mackenzie lands. Chaka Jones, the son of Baron Mollala was also captured, but was set free because he was injured.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

The Sunrise Lands[]

The Scourge of God[]

The Sword of the Lady[]

The High King of Montival[]

The Tears of the Sun[]

Lord of Mountains[]

The Given Sacrifice[]

The Desert and the Blade[]

Upon hearing about Órlaith Arminger Mackenzie and John going south to assist Reiko in her search for a traditional Japanese sword, Matilda dispatched a Royal Montival Navy vessel and a select group of the High King's Archers (led by Edain Aylward to intercept them and order them to return to Castle Todenangst.

Prince of Outcasts[]