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Mike Havel, Jr. was the only son of Mike Havel and Signe Larsson.


Mike was the probable heir to the title of Lord Bear, but Signe was often angry because Mike had had intimate relations with Juniper Mackenzie, who bore Rudi Mackenzie, before he had been committed to her. Because Rudi was older than young Mike, Signe feared that he would try to take the role of Lord Bear away from his half brother in spite of Mike's assurances that he would not let that happen.

Key Events[]

The Scourge of God[]

Mike Jr. became a member of the A-List for saving the life of his Uncle Eric in combat at the Battle of Pendleton without the usual apprenticeship.

The High King of Montival[]

Mike attended Rudi and Mathilda's wedding.

The Tears of the Sun[]

Artos told Mike that by the end of the war he should take up his father's title of the Bear Lord.