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Odard Liu was under age when his father Eddie was slain while attacking the Mackenzies. He became the Duke, but his mother Mary was appointed as regent.

Key Events[]

When Odard was old enough, he took responsibility for his title and sent his mother to live in partial exile because she had been in contact with agents of the Church Universal and Triumphant.

He became a member of the Quest. His driving motive was that he intended to make Mathilda Arminger his wife and, through her, become the Lord Protector of Portland. He was embarrassed when his servant, Alex Vinton (secretly working for Mary Liu), betrayed the Quest to soldiers of the Church Universal and Triumphant. As the Quest progressed, Odard became increasingly impressed with the leadership displayed by Rudi Mackenzie. On January 7, 2023, he led others in establishing a roadblock to protect an attack by Rudi's forces. He was mortally wounded in the action. After being granted absolution, his dying words were "So... beautiful!"