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Peter Graber was a captain in the Sword of the Prophet who was promoted to major by Sethaz.

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The Scourge of God Edit

The Sword of the Lady Edit

The High King of Montival Edit

Graber stood to defend High Seeker Dalan and, after Dalan was cured by the Sword, said he would care for him. Graber and Dalan accompanied Rudi and his forces to the Dominion of Drumheller. After the Battle of the Anchor Bar Seven, Graber asked to be cured by the Sword and Rudi complied. Graber left with Dalan to tell the people of the Church Universal and Triumphant the truth about the CUT leadership.

The Given Sacrifice Edit

Graber led troops who had renounced the Church Universal and Triumphant to block a CUT retreat. He then swore allegiance to Artos, who appointed him as range boss of the Montival Eastermark.

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