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Peter Jones was a teaching assistant at Oregon State University at the time of the Change. When the university faculty formed a government for the city of Corvallis, Jones was commissioned in the militia.


Dies the Fire[]

Jones was a lieutenant with the militia of the Corvallis City State. He commanded a unit of pikemen and crossbowmen who block access to Corvallis by Juniper Mackenzie and her scouting party. After the Mackenzies passed inspection, Jones escorted them into Corvallis and explained events since the Change. Jones, who had been promoted to Captain, and Luther Finney later attended the feast held by Clan Mackenzie which featured the arrival of Will Hutton and the advance party of the Bearkillers.

The Protector's War[]

Jones, who was now a major, and Edward Finney met at Larsdalen with Mike Havel, Signe Havel and Juniper Mackenzie; Nigel Loring was introduced to the group at the meeting. The men from Corvallis pointed out that they only represented a portion of the city state.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Major Jones and Edward Finney led the Corvallis relief column that came to the relief of the Bearkillers at the battle in Salem.

Lord of Mountains[]

Jones, now a brigadier, led the Corvallis City State forces into the Battle of Horse Heaven Hills. He and his troops withstood an attack by United States of Boise infantry and artillery. They were on the point of collapse when Artos arrived with a mounted force to flank and destroy the attacking United States of Boise troops. Jones was severely wounded. At a minimum, he lost a leg; he may have died of his wounds.