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Key Events[]

The Protector's War[]

Piotr Alexevitch Stavarov was tyring to catch Sir Nigel Loring, Alleyne Loring and John Hordle when he found Will Hutton blocking his way with a mounted force. Will managed to delay Stavarov, first with talk then with arrows that so reduced Stavarov's force that he could not continue to attack.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Piotr Alexevitch Stavarov was tasked to move a column of two hundred bicycle infantry (crossbow and spears) and two columns of fifty knights and men-at-arms each from the Waldo Hills across the Santiam River by nightfall on March 5, 2008. Enroute, he encountered what he judged to be a holding force of fifty archers and fifty spears and Lochaber axes of Clan Mackenzie. Piotr decided he could force the blockade. While his crossbowmen engaged the Mackenzie archers, he sent his spears against the remainder of the Mackenzies. When that attack stalled, one hundred Mackenzie bows engaged the Protectorate spears. In an attempt to salvage the battle, Piotr sent his one hundred mounted men against the Mackenzies. Juniper Mackenzie responded with seven hundred archers, who decimated the mounted force. Piotr was wounded in the attack. He tried to put the best light on his actions by telling Conrad Renfrew that he had driven the enemy from the field. When Piotr asked Renfrew what he would have him do, Renfrew responded, "Give me back my knights!"