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Prince of Outcasts is the thirteenth book in the Emberverse series. It was published on September 6, 2016.


The Thirteenth book in the series picks up directly where The Desert and the Blade leaves off. John Arminger Mackenzie is abord the Tarshish Queen after being blown away from Westrias coast and persued relentlessly by Koreans.

Meanwhile Orla returns home to face her mother after defying her for months and with the apparent loss of Prince John. On the homefront, Orla and Reiko begin to help organize the expeditionary force to avenge High King Artos.

John and his company then find themselves stranded on an island amid a war between outcasts of Bali and a strange power identifed as "The Palid Mask". He also meets a love interest in the form of an Australian Captain and heir to a small region of Australia nicknamed "pip".