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Members Mathilda Arminger • Edain Aylward • Ritva Havel • Ignatius • Odard Liu • Rudi Mackenzie • Frederick Thurston • Virginia Thurston • Alex Vinton • Ingolf Vogeler • Mary Vogeler
Appears The Sunrise Lands
The Scourge of God
The Sword of the Lady
The High King of Montival
Comments Odard Liu died nobly in battle in Maine
Alex Vinton proved to be a traitor
Frederick Thurston and Virginia Kane Thurston joined the Quest enroute to the stopover in Maine.

The Quest was a fellowship made up of Rudi Mackenzie and the people who followed him on his search for the Sword.

Alex Vinton proved to be traitorous and deserted enroute.

Frederick Thurston and Virginia Kane joined enroute.

Members of the Southside Freedom Fighters followed Rudi as an auxilliary force in promise of a better life upon their arrival in Oregon.


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