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The Republic of New Deseret was a post-Change nation located in Utah and the southern portion of Idaho. The republic had adopted Mormonism as its state religion. This choice had brought it into disagreement with the United States of Boise, which offered union, but only if the republic adopted freedom of religion; the leadership of New Deseret refused.


The Sunrise Lands[]

John Brown sold horses to buyers from New Deseret. When Brown's son was delivering the horses in the company of the Quest, they found the buyers under attack by Rovers. Brown's cowboys and Rudi Mackenzie's party attacked the Rovers and relieved the Mormons. Edain Aylward met and became enamored with Rebecca Nystrup.

In 2021, while both nations were at war with the Church Universal and Triumphant and following a battle in which the forces of New Deseret had been severely defeated, Thurston softened his position and allowed the defeated Republic forces to pass through his lines; his new condition was that New Deseret conduct a referendum on the subject of religious freedom. New Deseret lost a major battle against the Church Universal and Triumphant shortly thereafter and the point became moot.

The Scourge of God[]

Loyalists of the Republic continued to wage a guerrilla war.

The Sword of the Lady[]

Loyalists of the Republic continued to wage a guerrilla war.

The Given Sacrifice[]