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Key Events[]

The Scourge of God[]

Rick is a member of a patrol led by his father. The patrol comes across the Quest, accompanied by Virginia Kane. Soon after, the joint group is intercepted by the 3d Battalion of the Sword of the Prophet and a levy of Cutters. Following an engagement, the Quest and the Sioux retreat through a prairie dog town where the group and the pursuers from the Church Universal and Triumphant suffer loses. The come upon a pride of lions. A female attacks Rick's horse and he is left wounded and vulnerable. Rudi Mackenzie saves his life.

Later, when the Quest is making its escape from Peter Graber's command, it passes through a bison herd and Rudi is separated from the rest. Rick saves Rudi's life.

The Tears of the Sun[]

Rick accompanies his father, John Red Leaf, to a meeting with Sandra Arminger and Juniper Mackenzie at Castle Todenangst.

Lord of Mountains[]

Rick leads a Sioux war party in a screening action at the Battle of Horse Heaven Hills.