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Juniper had a family history of premature birth, including her own birth, as well as that of her first daughter, Eilir.

Dies the Fire[]

Rudi Mackenzie was a surprise birth resulting from a single act of intimacy between Mike Havel and Juniper Mackenzie. After learning that she was pregnant, Juniper arranged for an induced delivery a month early to avoid any suggestion that Rudi the child of anyone but Rudy Stern, her hand-fasted husband, who died on the day of the Change.

The Protector's War[]

As Rudi aged, he began to resemble Mike in some ways. This caused some disagreement between Mike and his wife Signe because she feared Rudi would make a claim to succeed Mike as Lord Bear, although Mike promised he would not allow that to happen. Signe's displeasure came to a head when a horse trader offered a man-killing horse to Mike Havel. Signe teased young Rudi into riding the horse, which he addressed as Epona. When Rudi returned from his ride, Mike embraced Rudi and publicly declared him to be his son.

When Rudi was wounded in a raid conducted by Eddie Liu, Signe offered some of her blood to replace Rudi's losses.

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

In CY 9, the Clan Mackenzie, and the Bearkillers go to war with the Portland Protective Association, known later as the War of the Eye. Rudi and Mathilda Arminger become fast friends, with her even saving his life during an attempt to rescue her. Eventually, Mathilda's mother's operatives succeed, bringing Rudi back to PPA territory as well. During the rescue, Mathilda told Tiphaine Rutherton that she would commit suicide if Rudi were harmed.

The Sunrise Lands[]

In his late adolescence Rudi was voted Tanist of Clan MacKenzie, offically making him the heir apparent to the Clan.

As a young man, he led the Quest eastward toward Nantucket Island to retrieve the Sword.

The Scourge of God[]

Rudi participated in the rescue of Mathilda Arminger, Odard Liu and Ingolf Vogeler. During the rescue, he drove his sword through Joseph Kuttner's heart, but Kuttner was still able to grasp Rudi's neck in a vise-like grip until the seeker's hands were severed from his arms.

The Sword of the Lady[]

Rudi acquires the Sword on Nantucket Island after a dreamlike conversation with his mother and two other women.

The High King of Montival[]

Upon returning home to Montival, Rudi married longtime best friend Princess Mathilda Arminger.

The Tears of the Sun[]

Lord of Mountains[]

Rudi (now High King Artos) deploys his forces to resist the attack by the Church Universal and Triumphant and its client state, the United States of Boise.

The Given Sacrifice[]