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Loyal To Church Universal and Triumphant
Members Seeker Dalan
High Seeker Joseph Kuttner
High Seeker Twain
Seeker George
Appears The Sunrise Lands
The Scourge of God
The Sword of the Lady
The High King of Montival
The Tears of the Sun

A Seeker is a priest of the Church Universal and Triumphant. They are often assigned to watch over and provide religious guidance to commanders of military expeditions. A High Seeker is a seeker who has been granted additional vision.

Sethaz used "High Seeker of the God-flame" when referring to Joseph Kuttner.


Seekers have the ability to hypnotize:

  • Seeker Dalan caused Edgar Denson to believe that his leather belt was a rattlesnake; Denson panicked.
  • Seekers have an inhuman strength and resistance to injury:
  • After Rudi Mackenzie ran his sword blade through Seeker Joseph Kuttner's chest, Kuttner continued to attack him after his skull was crushed and his leg was severed. He grabbed Rudi's throat in an attempt to crush it and held on until the tendons in his arm were severed.
  • When Mary Havel met High Seeker Twain in the dark, she later said that she had killed him and then he hit her.
  • When cutters under the command of Peter Graber were attacking the Quest in Wisconsin Seeker Dalan was hit by several arrows and did not stop. Graber and his troops later pulled Dalan's body out of icy water. Dalan suddenly returned to life with the classic "I—SEE—YOU" statement.