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Sutterdown was the only town in Clan Mackenzie territory.

It occupied the site of the factual Brownsville, Oregon on the Calapooia River. It lay within the land governed by Clan Mackenzie. Virtually the whole town converted to Wicca after the Clan's interventions against the Protectorate following the Change.

By 2007, Sutterdown had a population of approximately 1000.

Upon his approach to the town, Ingolf Vogeler observed that it was surrounded by a wall thirty feet high with guard towers an additional fifteen feet high every one hundred feet. The town sat in a u-shaped bend of a river. It had a guarded gate at the point where a pre-Change bridge crossed the river.

Dennis Martin carved the gate posts in the image of the God and Goddess, and the projectile weapons in the towers were designed by Ken Larsson of the Bearkillers.

The entire population lived within the walls, emerging during the day to work on nearby fields. The town had its own militia and contributed to the military forces of Clan Mackenzie.

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