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The Tears of the Sun tells three interwoven stories: the preparation for the penultimate battle, a rescue mission, and the treachery of the House of Liu. Tiphaine d'Ath is a principal character.

Plot Summary[]


The Quest has returned to Montival. Rudi Mackenzie and his bride Mathilda Arminger have been acknowledged as High King Artos and High Queen Mathilda but the coronation is still to be held. Rudi tells Mathilda that the Sword has let him see their future and that they will have two children, Prince John and Princess Órlaith.[1]

Rudi and the fellow leaders of Montival gather and plan to hold a final battle against Boise and the CUT at the Horse Heaven Plains. Rudi sends Tiphaine D'Ath to set up the army.


Astrid Loring-Larsson, Alleyne Loring, John Hordle, Eilir Mackenzie, and Ritva Havel sit in Boise and confer about options in rescuing Cecile Thurston and her two daughters from the city. Ritva is selected to make contact with the Thurstons while Martin Thurston is away from the city. She enters the Thurston home and is recognized by Juliet Thurston. Ritva decides to include Juliet and her son in the rescue.[2]

The Rangers and guerrillas from the Republic of New Deseret rescue the five Thurstons at a store. They withdraw to the roof and are extracted by the blimp Curtis LeMay while taking fire from troops loyal to Martin Thurston.[3]

Astrid Loring-Larsson dies of wounds suffered during the action. The blimp crashes during a storm. The Rangers cremate Astrid's body so they return her ashes to Mithrilwood. As they are pondering how they continue their escape from United States of Boise territory, they see cavalry which turns out to be from Chenrezi Monastery led by Tsewang Dorje, which is en route to join with the forces of Montival. The Thurstons are safely delivered to secure Montival territory.[4]


Sir Guelf Mortimer, brother of Mary Liu, serves honorably in the Battle of Pendleton although he is already a convert to the Church Universal and Triumphant.[5]

. . .

Yseult Liu is kept in solitary confinement at Castle Todenangst. When her borther Huon arrives, they are both tried for treason before the regent, Sandra Arminger. They are exonerated, but Sandra places them in the care of members of the nobility known to be loyal to her.[4]


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