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Collette Rutherton was a teenager at the time of the Change. She and her friend, Katrina Georges, were members of a group of Girl Scouts that was stranded. Eventually, they found their way into the service of Lady Sandra Arminger. Collette changed her first name to "Tiphaine." Sandra decided that Tiphaine could be used as an assassin.

Later, after Astrid Larsson stated that she had killed Katrina Georges, Astrid and Tiphaine agreed to meet on an unspecified date for a knife fight to the death.


  • Sir Ivo Marks
  • Sir Ruffin Velin
  • Armand Georges, squire, later knight
  • Rodard Georges, squire, later knight

Key Events[]

A Meeting at Corvallis[]

Sir Jason Mortimer, the brother-in-law of Eddie Liu, compromised himself and the Protectorate by being caught on Ranger territory while fleeing from an incursion of Mount Angel's territory. Sandra Arminger sent Tiphaine to kill Mortimer. Tiphaine completed her task in a manner that also embarrassed the city of Corvallis, the Rangers, and others.

Tiphaine was sent by Sandra Arminger to recover Mathilda from her hostage residence with Clan Mackenzie. She was successful, capturing Rudi Mackenzie in the process, and was ennobled by Norman Arminger as the Baroness of Ath. Sandra Arminger tasked her with protecting Mathilda Arminger and Rudi Mackenzie. Tiphaine took the two youngsters to her new lands. Upon arriving, she met Delia Mercer, who became her lover. Norman Arminger sent troops to kill Rudi. Tiphaine and her subordinates resisted and were aided by people led by Alleyne Loring who had come to recover Rudi. Tiphaine yielded Rudi but refused to give up Mathilda; Alleyne responded that capturing Mathilda was not his mission.

The Sunrise Lands[]

Tiphaine had been elevated to the position of Grand Constable of the Portland Protective Association; she was responsible for the armed forces of the protectorate. Tiphaine met with Sandra Arminger and Conrad Renfrew to discuss the security and expansion of the Portland Protective Association, including the area known as the Palouse.

The Scourge of God[]

Following the formation of the allied force by the Meeting, Astrid Larsson surprised everyone by designating Tiphaine as her second in command.

After Astrid slipped off to Pendleton, Tiphaine agreed to meet with Rosita Gonzalez, feigning desertion, from the United States of Boise. Rosita brought the letters Mathilda and Rudi had written. After Rosita's good will was verified, Tiphaine allowed her to return to the USB lines.

Tiphaine mounted a succerssful operation to rescue the Dúnedain Rangers after their special operation inside Pendleton went poorly.

The Sword of the Lady[]

Tiphaine wore an owl-shaped pendant on December 12, 2022.

The High King of Montival[]

The Tears of the Sun[]

Held the line. Investigated, and killed, Mary Liu. Visited BD.

Lord of Mountains[]

After completing the screening action against the forces of the Church Universal and Triumphant militia (mostly ranchers and cowboys), Tiphaine reverted to her position as Grand Constable of the Portland Protective Association and led the nobles and knights against the Sword of the Prophet.

The Given Sacrifice[]