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Tsewang Dorje was the Abbot of Chenrezi Monastery. He and a number of other Buddhist monks from many countries were in Wyoming for a conference when the Change occurred.

Key Events[]

The Scourge of God[]

He and other monks provided solace, medical treatment, spiritual guidance and training in Asian forms of combat to the members of the Quest.

The Tears of the Sun[]

Dorje led a force of cavalry enroute to join with Montival. The group encountered the Dúnedain Rangers and some dissenters from the United States of Boise who had rescued the Thurston family from Martin Thurston. Dorje told Martin Thurston's wife that she had much to repay for her actions. Dorje provided protection and transportation to return the fugitives to Montival.

Lord of Mountains[]

Dorje accompanied Juliet Thurston forward while the Boiseans who had crossed over to Montival convinced a battalion of Boisean trfoops to sit out the battle.