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The War of the Eye, as it was called by everyone other than the Portland Protective Association, was between the PPA and the allied "nations" of the Bearkillers, Clan Mackenzie, Corvallis volunteers and CORA, supported by the Dúnedain Rangers. Several battles were fought through out central Oragon before the war ended with the defeat of Norman Arminger in in a duel with Mike Havel, where both combatants died. The resulting peace accords were maintained during the annual meetings at Corvallis.


Opening engagements were against the by Portland were against the Bearkillers, Clan Mackenzie, and Mount Angel. At the time of the war each of the allied groups could field about 2500 infantry each for a short period of time.


At the end of A Meeting at Corvallis, the War came to an end, after the Battle on the Field of the Cloth of Gold on September 3, CY10 (2008) where Mike Havel and Norman Arminger killed each other in a duel. On September 5, Sandra Arminger and Juniper Mackenzie agreed the following terms for an enduring peace, with Sandra accepting the Portland Protective Association's defeat by the allied forces:

  1. Portland to withdraw from the territories of the Pendleton Round-Up and acknowledge their independence, with an agreement that the allied forces would not occupy the state either. Sandra Arminger mentioned that the PPA had already ordered their garrisons to leave.
  2. Portland's recognition of the independence of the allied territories of the Willamette Valley and renunciation of any territorial claim to their lands.
  3. Portland to decree — and have the decree read in every domain, castle, manor and village — that any resident of the Protectorate be free to leave and any time, without bond or let, taking their personal property with them. Both Sandra and Juniper acknowledged that making such a declaration would require that the PPA reduce the size of their standing army.
  4. A yearly Meeting, at Corvallis of all the communities of the Willamette Valley, to consider grievances and settle disputes between them.
  5. An annual exchange of children, with Mathilda Arminger to spend from Mabon (the autumn equinox) to Yule with Clan Mackenzie, then Rudi Mackenzie to return with Matti to the PPA, living there until Ostara. Each may be accompanied by an entourage numbering no more than six and no religious pressure was to be applied to either child.

By the time of The Sunrise Lands in CY22 (AD 2020), this agreement was still in place and seemed to have largely succeeded in maintaining peace in Western Oregon.